Tuesday, 21 February 2012

More porps from Stevo!

Monday 20th February
Chris and I went to Strumble Head at 2:50pm and we saw a single Harbour Porpoise in the flooding tide race. The time of the sighting was 3:10pm. It was a south westerly wind quite calm but with a couple of white horses.
Cheers Stevo.
Sightings such as this one from Stevo and the previous ones from Eirianydd and Ian of the odd porpoise here or there, may seem relatively low key.
But what we can see from them is that porpoises are currently active on the South, West and North coasts of Wales, now in the middle of winter.
Its not big news like a Bottlenose Whale in the Thames, but it was at one time thought that our porpoises were migratory and moved elsewhere in the winter.
Regular reports such as these along with all the others we get, help build up a bigger picture which in many ways is more important than those that hit the headlines!