Tuesday, 14 February 2012

Razorbill Seasafari - Wildlife Watching Jet Boat Trips

Good evening WinW Bloggers..... We are pleased to announce (a badly kept secret) that as of this summer we (Razorbill RIB Charter & Marine Services) will be launching a new offering working out of Lower Town Harbour, Fishguard. Operating an ex special forces 9m, 12 passenger Jet RIB to be known as 'Alca torda' for 1 and 2 hour wildlife watching trips as well as longer charters by arrangement......

We will continue to report all sightings to Sea Trust, and hope to be able to offer spaces (and the boat) to the Trust periodically during the season.

'Alca Torda' is powered by a powerful yet economical 440hp Diesel inboard (running on a Biodiesel mix) and is coupled to a water jet unit, so no propellors and (what research suggests is) an improved accoustic signature in relation to Cetaceans.....She has been subject to a major refit for the new season and we anticipate going live in June.....with a signwritten 'smart car' located on the harbour wall where we will meet our guests and take bookings. Halmatic RIBs are arguably some of the toughest /most capable RIBs in the world.....for those interested, here is a link to the craft in its military guise (although worth noting that 'Alca Torda' is a special extended length version) http://www.hotribs.com/03press/172-halmatic-ribs/halmatic.asp

We are really looking forward to the season ahead and are keeping our fingers crossed for some great sightings for our guests..... The website will be going live in the next few weeks (http://www.razorbillseasafari.co.uk/ - currently linked to our main website) and we will be holding a naming /launch ceremony at Lowertown at some point which we would be delighted to see any WinW bloggers /followers at (for a glass of fizz)......Thanks for reading!