Friday, 2 March 2012

Strumble porpy leapfrog!

This early evening with the lengthening day we went to Strumble to enjoy the last minutes of what seemed like a lovely start to spring.Only a few minutes there and slack water on a neap tide but several porps seen a couple of which were indulgeing in what we have comew to recognise as Porpoise leapfrog where after a couple of splashy interactions one porp leaps over another, breaching completely out of the water.
After yesterdays sad events with the Pilot Whale it was good to see lively little porps.
Terry Leadbeter kindly rang me to let me know more on the post mortem of the Pilot Whale carried out by Paul Jepson and Rob deVille for the London Zoological Society . We will have to wait for the full results but initial examinations revealed it was an subadult male showing all the signs of poor nutrition. Impossible to say why but perhaps due to being separated from its pod although it may just have been what James Herriot would have termed a poor do-er! Its the second Pilot Whale I can remember having entered the Haven, the other being an old female at least seven or eight years ago which stranded in Mill Bay.