Sunday, 25 March 2012

Stena Europe survey 23/24th March.

 LtoR, Survey Team: Steve Davies, Stevo Lucas, The Walrus, Steve Rosser and Tony Lucas.
Another Sea Trust Stena Europe Survey was delivered on Friday and Saturday with quite interesting results. On Friday despite calm (SS2) seas  and plenty of experienced eyes searching, we managed only one porpoise sighting, two animals under a feeding group of gannets auks gulls etc. This was not more than half a mile off Rosslare Harbour. Leaving Fishguard on a low spring tide probably meant most of the Strumble porps were out of sight to the south of Strumble, so no real surprise we missed them. But given the fact only a week ago, Porpoises were seen in numbers all across the Irish Sea in similar calm conditions might reinforce the theory that a movement was taking place last week.
The return on Saturday was less calm with SS4 most of the way but interestingly, with  three porpoise sightings. These were all on the Welsh side and bar one, all within coastal waters. Big surprise of the day was a small pod of four or five Bottlenose Dolphins seen muddling about about ten miles west of Strumble. This was extremely unusual and may have been some more returning to Cardigan Bay.
Distant Bottlenose...