Monday, 16 April 2012

From Karen Burns in Aberystwyth...

Attached are three photos taken in Aberystwyth on Monday 2nd April at low tide  ( 3rd consecutive day of sightings ),  one taken yesterday ( at high tide ) and one taken today ( at low tide ). Thought they were worth sharing
Looks like the lucky people of Aberystwyth are getting some nice dolphin action, many thanks for this Karen!
An early morning look at the outer breakwater at Fishguard Harbour was again fruitless. I then went up to Strumble and in the ccalm before the storm saw at least 23 porpoises in the tiderace including a couple of calves.It really does pay if you can get out there when the sea is flat many porpoise surfacings are hard to spot and would be easily  missed in less calm conditions. Looks like the weather is going to turn today with a blow coming in tonight, so we will have to hope things calm down later in the week!
Ps sorry, the last image should have been No2!