Tuesday, 15 May 2012

Hey Cliff!

Ferry trip was great, again we saw lots of porpoise near the Welsh coast, but also two groups of 20-30 dolphins feeding together with several bird species. quite amazing to see these events happening about 500 metres off the ferry! A few minutes after we saw this another mysterious creature appeared out of the waves. It was too big to be a porpoise but it wasn't a dolphin, maybe a Minke-whale?
On the way back to Wales we didn't see much more than several porpoise, but it was great though.
Seems like this ferry-trip was more succesfull than the previous one, saw different ceteceans and bird species, and the weather was fantastic, sun all the time!! Steve is a great guy and we had a really nice time with him! Cristina, Carla and Ben (her boyfriend) enjoyed it as well!
Thanks for letting us on the ferry again, it was great!

André and Ben

Hi Cliff

A good trip. Cristina will fill you in on the details and facts. The common dolphins were busy feeding so did not come in to the ferry so the photo is very distant and a record shot only. The 2 pods wre quite close to each other so I would guess that it was one pod that split chasing food. Minke?? 75% to 80% sure it was but Rene was so wanting one and he was the only one to see it side on. I got him to draw what he saw immediately. My view was something large coming straight at me and very brief so could have been anything.


Glad everything went well!