Saturday, 16 June 2012

Berrys Bottles!

Either Steve Berry is spending a lot of time at Pen Anglas recently or he has some kind of psychic syncronisation with the bottles cos they seem to both turn up at the same time! I got two texts from him some time this afternoon I rarely have my mobile with me, its usually lost or in the washing machine.

Either way, I visited Udwig Birder this aft and he told me so I went to have a look off the breakwater. At first there seemed to be loads of Gannets but no dolphins but after a while I saw a mother and calf surface not too far from a RHIB which was hanging around for a diver whose float was sticking up on the surface near the dolphins. Soon after the RHIB motored over to the divers float and the mother and calf dissappeared.
The gannets moved further out and then I noticed four more Bottles two of which did some spectacular if distant breaching.

Maybe worth a look from Harbour village in the morning, any boat owners reading this, thinking of taking a look, please take care not to spook the dolphins or approach too close. Mothers and Calves are very vulnerable so do please keep an eye out for them and avoid harrassing them. Anyone who does so can be fined or even jailed!