Thursday, 26 July 2012

New Quay, Birds' Rock

Started my Dolphin Watch session at 13.00 and apparently the Bottlenose had been very active most of the morning. It wasn't long before four of them (with one juvenile) appeared. Unfortunately they were showing too well and they attracted a little flotilla of boats, jostling to get closer. One orange kayak in particular was very determined. A short while later, one of the local, commercial fishing boats came out of New Quay, travelling much faster than the 8 knot limit and bow-riding in front were three Bottlenose. The tourists on Ermol 6 must have got a great view as the fishing boat went past. Over the next two hours the dolphins - now up to six - put on quite a display; breaching, leaping and tail-slapping, however, still following them was the little, orange kayak.