Friday, 13 July 2012

Skomer Island 13th July 2012

A round up of today's sightings;

10:30am Mew Stone
20+ Common Dolphin cruising.
1 Adult, 1 juv Porpoise - watched for 1 1/2 hours.

The Common Dolphin came in from the direction of Skokholm lighthouse towards the Mew Stone, came close in to shore, then off out along the south west coast of Skomer towards Skomer Head.

13:00pm Pigstone Bay
Up to 4 Porpoise feeding and milling around.

13:30pm Bull Hole
40+ Common Dolphin (adults and juvs) feeding, breaching and logging.
10+ Porpoise (adult and juvs) feeding but seeming to avoid the areas with Common Dolphins.

(Mew Stone and Bull Hole Common Dolphin sightings possibly included the same individuals.)

Hannah Keogh (Skomer Volunteer) and Sarah Harris (Skomer Assistant Warden).