Sunday, 22 July 2012

Stena Survey, calm out, windy back!

Images: Steve Rosser.

Six of us including grandson Josh and friend Tom, Cristina, Barbara and Steve did a Stena Survey over the weekend having been encouraged by the weather forcasters right up to Saturday morning when suddenly they changed their mind about Sunday. Instead of a reasonably calm couple of days suddenly Sunday was going to be windy. Having booked our places we decided to go...
As we arrived on the bridge Captain Bob Wheel whetted our appetites telling us that on entering the harbour three or four dolphins had ridden in on the bow. Being a bit busy driving the ship he wasn't sure what they were but at a guess Bottles seem favourite.
Either way we saw no sign of them on the way out. Neither were there any Porpoises around Strumble probably due to the low tide. It took a while but eventually we picked out a couple of porpoises and then Cristina spoted an animal in the glare to our port side which eventually popped up in our wake , a Minke! Again she spotted something in the glare this time common dolphins. Another pod showed better and then as we entered the "Risso's Triangle" a small pod of Risso's showed up on queue, with a second larger one not long after. No really close views but all in all pretty good!
All change on Sunday with a SSW wind gusting up to 30mph and a messed up sea. None the less Barbara quite miraculously found us a single common in amongst the waves and white horses and we finished with half a dozen Porpoises in the shelter of Fishguard Bay just off Pen Anglas where we had seen them during the week. So well worth doing and a great start to the two youngsters Summer holiday!