Thursday, 16 August 2012

Porp's there and here!

Thursday 16th August
Dad and I went to Mwnt at 1pm but nothing to report on Bottlenose Dolphins during our 2 hour watch.
There was something we have not often seen at Mwnt before. Whilst walking around Mwnt Head at about 15:05pm at the end of our watch, a single Harbour Porpoise was milling around seeminglyforaging at the time.
We watched it for about 5 minutes then it started swimming off eastwards up the coast and we continued walking back to our car at the car-park.!

Cheers Stevo
Well spotted Stevo! we also saw some porpoises off Pen Anglas this afternoon under about fifteen gannets. It was a long way away and pretty choppy so we just got odd glimpses of at least three at one time. There was also some tail slapping going on making quite big splashes!