Saturday, 1 September 2012

Earlier in the week, from Stevo...

Thursday 30th August

Dad, Tony luxton and myself went to Mwnt at 1pm but we saw nothing for about 3/4 hours.
At 2pm we started to see 2 Bottlenose Dolphins but we were never absolutely sure that
it was 2 dolphins at the time that we were watching.
They were milling around in the area of the headland.
It was quite difficult to pick out with a a stiff north north westerly wind in our faces.
The Bottleenose Dolphins were still there for about 3/4 hours until we left mwnt headland,
We had a brilliant day and great awesome sightings.
It is such a peaceful place to visit to watch
The round up of all the sightings throughout
The Mwnt watches in the summer is
16 adult Bottlenose Dolphins plus 6 calves iwhich s
22 animals altogether

Those are the cetaceans and fish species from the period of summer is

Bottlenose Dolphins
Harbour Porpoises
Common Dolphins
Risso's Dolphins
Minke Whales
and rare sightings is
Blue Shark and
Thresher Shark

and also very interesting and commonly observed is sunfishes from until now and throughout the autumn months

roll on the Dolphinothon this month is going to be exiting on the.
Stena Survey and. I am looking forward to the trip can't wait.
To get a load of more sightings on the Stena Europe.