Thursday, 13 September 2012

From Ian Hotchin...

Hi Cliff, Ian here.
I did a small voyage in my little boat last week and made a few sightings.

Thursday 6th Sept - Fishguard to Newquay. - 1 Common porpoise 1 and 1/2 miles SW of Cemaes Head, at 0845

Friday 7th Sept - Newquay to Gwbert - 1 very brief glimpse of a large fin off Newquay Head
??? Between 0830 and 0955, Pencribach ( Aberporth ) to Mwnt, 8 Bottles nose Dolphins, in pairs, well apart.

Saturday 8th Sept - Gwbert to Fishguard - 3 common porpoises,well apart, 2 miles SW of Cemaes Head.
2 common porpoises, again well apart, 4 miles SW Cemaes Head.

Hope you're having lots of sightings on the Prince Madog !


Thanks Ian, weather too rough last couple of days , just got home!