Sunday, 23 September 2012

From Stevo...

Saturday 22nd September

Chris and I went to Strumble Head at 11:15am.
And we saw 4 Harbour Porpoises and maybe more at the top of the flooding tide 
and also we saw a clutter of gannets circling and diving where the sighting was.
The time of the sighting was roughly about 11:30am ish and we were there for about half and hour.
The sea condition was flat calm and not a ripple.

My sister's mother in law Pat Lathey took her campervan to mwnt on my recommendation.
and on the Monday 17th September at 11:30am.
she saw about 5 or 6 Bottlenose Dolphins.
When I ask her their behaviour, she said they were doing what dolphins do swimming and jumping! ! !