Sunday, 23 September 2012

Stena Survey Fri/Sat

Another wonky weather forecast that sent uis off to sea in a gale! Thankfully even with winds gusting up to 30mph the Stena Europe is pretty stable, its just not nice searching throughout all that white water and glare for fins and things. Even so, a pod of Commons came up to the bow and we copped a couple of Porpoises so a not entirely wasted outward trip.  The weather had calmed a little for our return on Saturday although it was still choppy and gnarly up until threequarters way home . Verena and Cristina persevered and were rewarded with another pod of Common Dolphins coming in to our bows. As we gained the shelter of Strumble several Porpoises made the tally look half decent and saved the trip. The really galling thing is that we should really be peaking at the moment but again the weather and lousy forcasting holds us back...
On the other hand half a dozen sightings in as many hours of survey, even in bad conditions shows just how prolific things can be!