Wednesday, 3 October 2012

More on Fishguard Bottles...

Just a bit of a catch up on Mondays sightings.,
We arrived on the Outer Breakwater just after the "Stena Europe" had left the harbour presumably the Bottles had either bow-ridden her or been otherwise diverted by her going through on her way  out of Fishguard Harbour to Ireland. Either way the Bottles were spread out and actively feeding with at least fifty Gannets. The real-tell tales though, were small groups of immature gulls that hung over the bottles as they fed. They were quite distant and very mobile so hard to count, probably arounfd 12-15 including a couple of calves and juveniles.
At least two or three had big white scars on the leading edge of their dorsal  fins but frustratingly stayed just out of range for any hope of good ID images. Bit by bit they went out with the tide, giving some spectacular views through binoculars. As we left they wer feeding just off Pen Anglas.
We hoped for better opportunities yesterday morning but although there were plenty of gannets feeding, the only cetaceans were Porpoises. Another look just after lunch again revealed porpoises a couple of which were quite close in, one with a small calf , although I sadly did not manage to photograph them. Hopefully better luck today !