Wednesday, 24 October 2012

WOW - Risso's!

Our last Wildlife Observer Wales course of the year started yesterday, with the students doing classroom stuff  at Pembrokeshire College in the morning and then some  practical seal surveying on the coast yesterday afternoon.
Cristina was with the group and whilst walking across the fields towards Carregwasted Bay she saw something disturbing the flat calm waters. Raising her binoculars she was surprised and delighted to see a pod of six Risso's Dolphins apparently feeding. Of course they were a couple of months late as our last cetacean course was in August and they turned up for the wrong course!!! The rest of the group were delighted, Risso's were a first for most of them! Plenty of seals as well!
I wandered down to Strumble later on and in the fading light watched half a dozen porpoises heading north close in,  from the lighthouse steps. The Dolphin Coast lives up to its name again!