Tuesday, 20 November 2012

Porpoise at Dusk at Pen Anglas...

For lots of boring reasons I was unable to get out until 4pm yesterday and it was getting dark by the time I got out onto the Outer  Breakwater. I could see several gulls hovering around the tide break that pulls off Pen Anglas Point. There was a bit of a swell and several pot bouys appewared and dissapeared in the troughs but just for a moment a small back with a neat triangular fin  appeard and then again, confirming that the birds usually show you where to look.
This afternoon I was out there a bit earler with Hannah  and again the birds did their job. There was a female with a calf and another large porpoise surfacing together. Its something that happens quite frequently.  I am not sure whether its a male hanging about in the hope of mating, or last years calf still hanging about but at one point there was a tailslap sending a small plume of water into the air some times this is repeated sometimes there is some leapfrogging but its something I tend to associate with the winter months. . Again its difficult to interperate the whys or wherefores but its quite a common occurance.