Thursday, 15 November 2012

Winter Bottlenose Dolphins....everywhere (4kms South of Aberystwyth) - Video!

We've been afloat since first light today, launching out of Newport Pembs, then into Cardigan (up the Teifi) and then on to Aberystwyth where we are berthed for the night..... Calm seas from Newquay onwards but no cetaceans......until we reached our final sampling site, then WOW! We were just about to move off when we became aware of Bottlenose activity, a couple at first then more and more dolphins kept appearing.....we reckon 30 plus animals (easily) with a real mix of ages. Lots of young animals together, mothers with calves (including one tiny animal who still had foetal folds on its side) Two breaching clear /showing off. Watch the video, you can see just how interested in us they were.....we sat and watched for 10 minutes, but then had to move off to get into Aberystwyth as we were losing water fast..... Its one of the best November sightings we've ever had.....did manage to grab some stills too, but the video is better.... On to Porthmadog tomorrow.