Sunday, 30 December 2012

Harbour mouth porp's





Tony and Stevo Lucas accompanied the Walrus onto the Fishguard Harbour outer breakwater and we were surprised and delighted to witness a porp show in the harbour mouth. 
Stevo and Tony.

Difficult to work out how many, at least three maybe half a dozen They appeared to be feeding and there was at least one calf present but I did not manage to get a photo of mother and calf together indeed I did not see them together so I would say this is relatively independant calf, probably at least a month old, maybe one we saw earlier in the month. 
They were hard to photograph  but I got a few shots, which I will have a better look at later to see if I can make any individuals out. I think b&c are shots of the calf but its hard to tell what you are looking at through the camera lense as things pop up.
Will they be the last of the year I wonder and will some turn up at Strumble??? I tried to organise a get together after the Porpoise watch but its just a bit to complicated and late to work anything else out so we will have to sort out something for another day, either way hope to see you all there!