Wednesday, 12 December 2012

Lee wind from S E blows good for Phil Lees (and me)

Subject: Strumble Porps

Hi Cliff

I was out at Strumble Head for half an hour around 4pm this afternoon, near the top of the flood tide. The sea was fairly calm, with a stiff cold south easterly breeze, and although the light was fading there was plenty to see - large number of gulls, a grey seal, and a solitary Gannet cruising above  a group of 4 - 5 feeding porps by one of the large orange bouys. They were showing quite well porpoising on occaisions, then another small group of 3 - 4 swam across the head from west to east quite close to shore. It was good to see the porps after a couple of blank visits due to the weather, I've now watched them off the North Pembs coast every month this year.

All the best.

Phil Lees

Hi Phil, we must have just missed each other! Saw probably the same gannet (quite rare here at this time of the year) and possibly he same Porps at about 14.40 15.0 despite bitter wind from SSE the near shore waters were nice and smooth which suits watching porps at Strumble. Northerlies tend to line up  waves head on. Its much easier to loose them than in waves running across where you get a side on view, occasionally of them surfing. High Tide is usually the least productive time so we did pretty well, good to get at least one cetacean fix per week!