Friday, 21 December 2012

Phew that was close !

A so, so,  last minute Stena Europe ferry Survey, having booked only two hours before the ship sailed, got us on board to get a December survey done inbetween the rain and storms. I can't thank Carl Milne and the Stena team onshore and onboard often enough for their willingness to help us get out there ! 

It also occured to me that if the world was going to end, being on a big ship was probably one chance of surviving and if not, at least I would die doing what I most enjoy doing.

It was wet on the way out and apart from a single porpoise off Strumble, Stevo, Hannah and the Walrus  saw nothing else  until the sun (such as it was), deserted us for its longest dissappearance of the year.

As it slowly rose again over Rosslare this morning, the sea had that lovely silvery look, sea stae 0 and looking like we were in with a good chance of some sightings on the return leg.

As the Stena Europe cruised serenly towards Wales the miles passed with little to grab our attention, and a slowly increasing pessimistic feeling began to pervade... Maybe we were all doomed and somehow the dolphins had deserted us as in the Hitch Hikers Guide to the Galaxy without even thanking us for the fish!

Eleven minutes past eleven came... (we held our breath)  ...and went and having survived the end of the world for another few minutes it occured to me that maybe the Mayans were being a bit pessimistic.  Even so maybe we were doomed to a blank crossing...

Not long after Hannah  called out Dolphin!!!  and a Risso's surfaced just in front of us  a couple of times before diving to avoid us! A Christmas Risso's off Strumble, they were back again! two close shaves in an hour...

Not long after, we had a couple of porpoise sightings including a tail slapping mother and calf rewarding our perseverence. of course there would be Porpoises at Strumble, oh yea of little faith!

So It looks like we will sail past Christmas into another year. The sun will little by little show more of itself, and lets all hope for a sunnier, happier brighter New Year, Cyfarchion Y Tymor! Seasons Greetings! to all our friends at Stena. Also our blog sponsors Briggs, CCW, Environment Wales and all our supporters and followers on the Whales in Wales blog!!!