Sunday, 27 January 2013

Stena Nordica Sea Trust looks north ...

L to R:  on the bridge wing of the Stena Nordica, Hannah Harries , Captain Delaney , Susie Mcguin
Sea Trust is looking at spreading its wings with the help of Stena Line to the  Holyhead /Anglesey- Dunloughare /Ireland  route. We first met Captain Delaney of the Stena Nordica  before Christmas   when Steve Rosser and Hannah managed to show himn some Risso's dolphins as he was crossing on the Stena Europe. He invited us to join them when they took over as relief for the Stena Europes dry dock. Captain Delaney has always been interested in marine wildlife as has Captain Roberts his collegue, who we met last week aboard the Stena Nordica. Captain Roberts told us of breaching Minke Whales and  Captain Roberts told us of seeing a group of whales with their tails flapping about in the air, so its got to be worth a try!