Friday, 18 January 2013

Strumble Porp Diary 18th Jan 2013

 Snow this morning made things a bit dodgy  but I managed a quick visit to Strumble before lunch. The wind was strong enough 30knots + from the ESE that the Stena Europe had to hang around for it to abate a little before she could come into the harbour to berth (almost unknown).
The sea therefore was pretty rough and I saw nothing but I went again this afternoon and in the small area of rewlatively calm water close in to the cliffs, saw a small pod I estimated  to be of  around five to eight porps surfacing in a hurried kind of porpoising action  (surface rushing) in short bursts for about twenty minutes.
Of course I had no camera so failed to film them! none the less this is more evidence that Strumble even in really harsh conditions can turn up the goods ! I found this picture amongst my archive, contributed by many friends and porpoise fans but sorry to say can't remember who gave it to me , apologies!