Monday, 11 February 2013

Strumble Diaries: weather ot 1&2

Our old friend Miguel came over to visit yesterday, Miguel was a volunteer with us from 2009 and now works for CCW having recently completed his Masters in Aberystwyth . It was blowing a hooley and big seas were lumping up with wind against tide as we arrived at Strumble just after lunchtime. We went down to the lookout and found Richard Stonier already there with his telescope. He had seen plenty of porpoises in the morning but the tide was low now and they had mainly passed by. I did spot one in the middle of some really horrendous waves but conditions were not suitable for a proper count. Its probably going to be better this morning as the wind has dropped and we should catch them passing by, fingers crossed!
So we were heading for Strumble when my mobile went off telling me a fisherman mate had called me . the signal went , could not get it back but had vague memories of a conversation in the Rugby club celebrating magnificent victory over france and telling him to get me an octopus for the fish tank. Did he have one?.. we bombed back to the harbour ...nothing ..zilch . An hour later than planned we finally got to Strumble  just in time to see plenty of porpoises but dissapearing west with the tide. Aaaaargh! got a bit of film but not much good. Hannah is doing her best with it, either way more proof of the porps at Strumble!   

Link to video: