Sunday, 24 February 2013

Strumble Diary and also Fishguard Bay...

I arrived bright and early this morning and immediately saw porpoises to the east. My click count surfacinngs/sightings averaged  73.5 with lots of animals surfacing in the ebbing tide. Sadly they were a bit distant to film. After something of an absence I managed to clock what seemed to be a single animal off Pen Anglas (Fishguard Harbour) with a corresponding click count average of only 15 having only seen it on one five minute count out of four. It was distant and choppy but there again, similar to Strumble so comparable I suppose and better then the blanks experienced there recently!

Image :  Steve Rosser!
Apologies to Steve Rosser as I claimed the Minke in the previous posting "Minke Memories"  as my own. He contends it was one of his, but I think he is too good for such a poor image! Heres one he definately took  (In the Hebredes) !!!