Thursday, 21 March 2013

Irish Sea Stena ferry survey

Another attempt to second guess the weather clowns and if yesterdays forecast was not quite as good as we were led to believe it should be, at least we has a few good porpoise sightings and around 20+ Common Dolphins coming in to bowride about an hour out from Strumble. Pics are Steve Rossers but not brilliant as they were either at a distance or head on and coming in fast, same goes for our video: 
This morning starting from the Irish side the weather was close to perfect with a sea that was like softlybeaten silver with aquamarine and turquoise enamalling. Strangely there was little to see although with the almost complete flatness it would have been difficult to miss anything had it surfaced. We had a porp off the Tusker and then a really distant pod of really inobtrusive Commons that having been confirmed using the telescope also seemed to comprise of some adults with calves/juveniles, difficult to be sure at that distance but from experience with many closer similar encounters on the Celtic Wildcat and Cartlett Lady in the past seemed to be a small maternal group . We also had a few more porp encounters as we approached Strumble / Fishguard so a really nice and pleasantly warm and sunny crossing for late March!