Thursday, 6 June 2013

Common dolphins at Strumble

Old mate and Sea Trust supporter Steve Berry was walking his dog and bird watching above Pen Anglas, Fishguard Bay when his keen eyes spotted a pod of Common Dolphins feeding just offshore.
He texted me to let me know so I phoned him back and he said they were moving off towards Strumble.  Fifteen minutes later I was there setting up the video bins. I scanned around seeing a few porpoises feeding in the tide rip with plenty of gannets overhead. I began to think I might have been too late but just as I was beginning to think about heading home to do some work I had another scan.
Something/s were coming around the coast at speed, surging past and whipping up streaks of foam. It was Steve’s commons moving at speed, true greyhounds of the sea. Steve estimated around 12, it was possibly a few more but always difficult to be accurate. They continued to move out offshore here one minute gone the next! Nice one Steve!