Wednesday, 12 June 2013

More Strumble Diary and Links for videos and pictures

It just goes to show how a bit of good weather makes cetacean spotting so much easier, last weeks calm spell allowed us to see things we might otherwise have missed at Strumble and on the Ferry in less calm  conditions. (see links below)

Even so, yesterday we were enthralled with the sight of a least fifty porpoises surfing in the big swells and tide race at Strumble. If there is anywhere as easily accessible  in the UK that is as good for spotting different species of cetaceans from the shore, particularly Porpoise, I would love to know where! We are desperately trying to get Strumble protected but as yet it is not even a part of the Pembrokeshire SAC Nor are our Porpoises given any special protection.

This is why we are dedicating 2013  as the "Sea Trust Year of The Porpoise", lets hope the Welsh Government takes its responsibilities seriously becaiuse as our ongoing Strumble Diary proves , it is a very special place!

Risso's at Strumble last Friday (31/5):

Common dolphins at Strumble last week (6/6):

Photos from our few days on the ferry this week:

Compilation video of footage from the ferry trip:

Strumble diary Wednesday 12/06/13: