Wednesday, 26 June 2013

Strumble Porps and Breakwater Bottles

We ran out of Lower town with RIB 'Alca Torda' for 3 hours this morning.....before being chased in by the sea mist (through which we could hear the Stena Europe blasting her fog horn, heralding Cliff, Hannah and the other ST volunteers' return).

Between the breakwater and the headland (1.5 hours into the Ebb) we spotted a pair of feeding porps, then as we neared Strumble several sightings of animals, given away by the Gannets. Then just North of the lighthouse we sat and watched around 6 animals (feeding?) in the strengthening flow. We also passed a few on our return....although poss the same animals.

Before we set off, we also bumped into Steve Berry. We discussed Bottlenose activity off the breakwater (and then went on to see nothing). Seems we were in the wrong place at the wrong time!! Steve just dropped me a note to say that he had headed straight up to the old fort from where he hd watched at least 3 Bottles feeding off the breakwater. Dan