Thursday, 18 July 2013

Birds' Rock, New Quay

On "Dolphin Watch"  and the sea state was again a great 0 - 1. Bottlenose dolphins had been about just before I got to the Lookout and they soon turned up again. An adult and a juvenile were cruising about just a hundred metres or so from the cliff. They were soon joined by a third and then a fourth animal. I have often seen adult and juvenile BND in this spot and have assumed that there is some sort of "tuition" going on.

"Anna Lloyd" was on the scene and apparently experimenting with some kind of Remote Controlled vessel.

Unfortunately, a couple of the visitor passenger boats got too close (in my opinion) and effectively corralled the BND between them. It was interesting to see that the BND responded by tail-slapping and then dispersing. After the boats left however, they re-grouped and became quite boisterous, semi-breaching and tossing fish. From my position I could see scores of jellyfish strung out in a line, moving east on the current. Some of these were Barrel Jellyfish, but I couldn't ID the others - they were smaller than the Barrels, with distinct, trailing tentacles and some of the bodies were reddish in colour.