Friday, 12 July 2013

Cetaceans galore on the Celtic Wildcat (Stevo's report)

We went out from Neyland, and we went out from the haven and started to explore Skomer Island firstly and we saw loads of bird life around South Haven, it was an amazing sight and then further along the coast we sighted about 10 Harbour Porpoises amongst the gannets. Afterwards we headed onwards to Grassholm Island with over 40,000 pairs of gannets which was a spectacular sight as well and also we saw loads of basking seals on the rocks as well and then Richard Crossen thought he saw a possible sunfish which is very unusual for this time of the month. Then we went to the Smalls and saw loads of Manx Shearwaters with a couple of more seals again on rocks.
After a blank morning we didn't see much for 3 half hours and then by the afternoon things got started with a pod of Common Dolphins which were racing in swimming and bow riding with great spectacle under the Celtic Wildcat giving awesome views and more and more sightings of Common Dolphins and followed by it was a mixture of animals and also we saw a wonderful experience of 4 Minke Whales, it was mouthwatering and it was incredible to watch just have a look at that with its size, it is amazing to see the sighting of Minke Whales that just south off St Ann’s Head. 1 Minke whale swam very close to the boat, it was very curious, side on eye ball to eye ball and he was having a good look at us! 
By the end of the trip we said to ourselves as we headed back to the haven and back to Neyland for everyone to head back to their homes, what a great epic Celtic Wildcat trip that we all had.

PS This is the list of the total of sightings:
4 Minke Whales
260+ Common Dolphins 
~14 Harbour Porpoises

15 sightings altogether

Stevo keeps an eye out off Grassholm

Pics from the trip here