Tuesday, 9 July 2013

Dolphins from sunny Mwnt

Some pics from Mwnt! 

Sunday 7th July. Weather warm getting hotter. 0800 - 1000.
Sea state:calm.

Three bottlenose feeding and playing for an hour or so. Poss one young male as breaching often. 

An hour in another bottlenose from approx half mile away joined in with group and swam side by side with another.

The juvenile with the group looked as if it was with it's mother and I'm hoping it's the same mother/calf pair that I saw in the same area about a month ago (3rd of June).

On a couple of occasions I saw 2 bottlenoses lie on their sides as if to enjoy the sun. (See pic fb5)

Was close enough to hear them chatting via their clicks and squeaks! Which was amazing to hear!

In most cases,all 4 were in an area of a rugby pitch within 75 too 100 yards from the headland!!

A cracking experience!! 

Be safe all!! "H"

P.S All pics have a "copyright" symbol on them! Sorry!