Sunday, 21 July 2013

Fishguard Bottles and Dinas Head Porps on SeaSafari

As a few of the WinW Blog readers /Sea Trust supporters will know, our passenger Jet RIB 'Alca Torda' is now running SeaSafari Trips from Lower Town, Fishguard (and Ocean Lab when Tide allows)..... Over the past two days we have been lucky enough to have some great Bottlenose Sightings.....

19/7/13 - 4 or 5 Animals socialising in the middle of Fishguard Bay beyond the outer breakwater. A mother and very inquisitive calf who breached clear to check us out a few times as we sat at rest. We did manage to grab some footage, but have struggled to upload some of it....will keep trying!

20/7/13 - Some good Gannet activity in a tidal disturbance off Dinas Head lead to brief sightings of a couple of feeding Bottlenose....and then they were gone. We then picked up several more animals (with some very acrobatic breaches at times) beyond Newport and Towards Ceibwr in what has become a fairly reliable area for sightings..... The mood here was very relaxed with lots of interaction and socialising behaviour. We continued to observe several animals until we headed back towards Dinas where we then picked up some Porpoise, with some great close (but too brief to capture on is often the case with Porps) action as we drifted.

Here's a brief video of what we managed to get on film from yesterday..... There were a few cameras out, so we may get sent some pictures....will keep you posted!

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