Wednesday, 10 July 2013

Not Wales but Richard is Welsh so ....

No picture from Richard so heres some Welsh bottles splashing about!
Last evening whilst preparing a pretty excellent barbecue I was interrupted by a phone call. In the normal way I might have been a bit miffed,  but on the other end of trhe phone was a chap called Richard Jones who was watching a pod of 6 Bottlenose Dolphins from a place called Babbacombe Down, above Torquay! Apparently from the exclamations I could overhear, the dolphins were giving Richard and family   a great show, breaching and splashing as they moved north to south . I know Torquay isnt Wales but Richard is Welsh so, in a strange way the sighting belongs on Wales in Wales!
Incidentally no sausages were singed...  I had another message a bit later a BT SMS text thingy which sort of said there were dolphins or porp's in Fishguard Harbour but sadly after several Pimms I could not go and investigate further! If anyone knows any more about this please email us.