Thursday, 25 July 2013

Out of the fog!

Good news is that the local weekly, the Western Telegraph  ran a story on Sea Trust yesterday, some days after I released it. In it I make the point that The Welsh Government needs to do more about Cetacean Conservation in our Welsh waters and take notice of those of us who actually get out there and see what is happening rather than those who pretend to know...

The less good news but still not bad, is that on another spur of the moment Stena Europe Ferry survey  (Mon/Tues) , we spent the greater part of the outward leg on a flat sea, but staring into thick fog!  It was extremely frustrating but thankfully the fog had reduced to a general mistiness on the Tuesday morning. 

Dave Cuniffe, Steve Rosser and the Walrus stared our eyes out managing a total of three Risso's sightings , one Common Dolphin sighting, nine  Porp sightings, and one unidentified, again on mainly flat calm seas. Interestingly the Common Dolphin sighting was our first for some time off the Irish Coast and even though they were distant it was good to see them. Sadly most of the sightings were distant with little opportunity to take pic's or film, none the less it was a lot better than day one!