Monday, 26 August 2013

A morning of two halves!

Bright sunshine and much calmer seas this morning as we headed out on SeaSafari...... As we rounded Pen Anglas we immediately picked up a porpoise surfing in the swell, then spotted another circling in a tidal disturbance.... More animals became apparent, with some 6 animals being recorded. We pressed on towards Strumble (lots of seals) but no more cetaceans. Then..... the mist came in, thick and fast. We headed back on our compass and plotter and as we rounded Pen Anglas in very poor vis, another pair of animals surfaced very close by, one of whom looked to be a juvenile, so we sat and watched before heading in..... This was the hour over high water....slack has proven a very good time for Porpoise at Pen Anglas over the past months.....even with the fog horn blasting!

Our next trips passengers were already waiting for us and had watched the fog roll in. We knew we'd struggle to do our full SeaSafari, so gave them the choice of whether they wanted to come out....they were all keen so in the end we ran a half hour trip back up to Pen Anglas (where the fog had cleared slightly), but this time, no cetaceans (but one seal alongside to keep us company).