Sunday, 4 August 2013

Mwnt from Stevo's mum and dad ( Substitutes )

Thursday 1st August

Stevo and Chris went to Swansea to see the football match at the Liberty Stadium to see Swansea City vs Malmo FF with a victory for Swansea City with a 4 - 0 win because we did not do the Mwnt watch today

My mother and father went to Mwnt at 1pm.

But nothing to report on.Bottlenose Dolphins something very unusual but not often seen at Mwnt before.

At 13:40pm.A pair of Harbour Porpoises were sighted but they were there for 5 minutes and suddenly they disappeared.

They also saw 2 seals and about 15 large. Jellyfish they think that the species were Lions manes.

The sea condition was clam rippled sea slight SSW winds