Monday, 30 September 2013

Celtic Wildcat Last Thursday...

A bit busy so just getting our Celtic Wildcat report out now!
The weather clowns led us astray again and as we gathered at Neyland I was trying to look cheerful but dreading getting out there and having to turn back. As it happened it was not too bad to start with . We bashed out to Turbot Bank against wind and tide but were rewarded with a pod of Common Dolphins that showed well and as usual,  thrilled everyone with their exuberance.

For a while the weather brightened up and we motored gently along towards Grassholm picking up nice sightings of Manx Shearwaters, Great Skua and a nice bit of action when an Arctic Skua attacked and chased a juvenile Herring Gull.

 Grassholm still had a lot of gannets feeding young. Probably given the cold wet start to the spring a lot of them failed early on and then had a second try. There were plenty of "Gugas" (juvenile gannets) on the sea around Grassholm, so better late then never! The wind  and tide were beginning to make the sea conditions interesting and  there was no shelter available to us at Grassholm  so we ran for Skomer to shelter in North Haven and catch our breath!
It was really nice there, drinking tea and watching Chough with a pair of Ravens and Buzzards sparring above our heads . Some seals soon became curious, popping up right next to the boat and eyeballing us.

After an amusing break we decided to leave the seals and head for home but as we gently motored out of North haven we picked up a nice little pod of four Porp's complete with a calf. we watched them make their way out to sea and then headed out through Jack sound and into the kind of mixed up sea with bungalow shaped/sized waves coming at you from all directions. 
Of course Nick and the Wildcat took it all in their stride and it was exhillerating rather than scary, a thrill a minute ride to end of a thoroughly interesting day! 
makes us glad to have a great  boat and skipper!