Thursday, 5 September 2013

Half way through the Dolphin-Othon!

The Irish sea seems to be finding it very hard to make its mind up as to whether it wants to be a pussy cat or a roaring tiger! Most mornings it seems to wake up purring and most afternoons it seems to begin to growl!
so... most mornings we see stuff and then when our afternoon volunteer groups board, the wind gets up and we don't see any cetaceans! Lots of Sea Birds yesterday , thousands of Manxies, Kittiwakes, terns and auks. A really nice little flock of Stormies yesterday morning and a few Balearic Shearwaters etc but the cetaceans have been playingh hard to get in the afternoons.
Yesterday we had some really distant Dolphins that we could only really see splashing , followed by more distant big splashes and some blows from something which then disappeared into the dazzling glare ahead of us! Incredibly frustrating especially as we had Graham, a cameraman, filming with us from Aden Productions for a piece we are doing with Iolo.  This morning was his last day with us and we were hoping to get something good as apart from the birds, the cetacean views had been a bit hard to shoot and not that good. If only Graham Had been aboard with his pro camera the other morning when the Risso's were hanging around the harbour!
Risso's of Rosslare Harbour Mon Morning. S.Rosser
The view from The Stena Europe in Rosslare Harbour this morning (weds) looked as if the  sea was quite calm and more importantly the cloud cover was mainly blocking the sun and glare but no Risso'soutside the harbour wall!
We set off and had a couple of nice, if brief,  porp sightings and then much to my frustration Tony picked up some really distant,  big splashes of our beam a mile or more away. I was just beginning to think we had missed our chance when Steve and Ian spotted a some large fins in the distance! More Risso's and hopefully they would hang around long enough for Graham to film them. Closer and closer with the Risso's doing their usual now you see me, now you don't, routine! but in the end I think he got the shots. 
Risso's  S Rosser .
A few minutes later a pod of around thirty Commons came in to bowride, breaching spectacularly so all in all there should be some good stuff! ... Steve Rosser got some nice shots as well, which I will post as an appetiser!
It looks like the weather might turn a bit for our last couple of days but thewre will no doubt be a few more surprises in store before the end of the Dolphin-Othon...
Common Dolphin  S.Rosser.