Wednesday, 25 September 2013

More Thresher stuff , Strumble does it again

Hi Cliff,
The family and I were watching porps, and a seal pup, at Strumble on Saturday afternoon (21st Sep). We were just about to leave, around 15:50, when I caught a big splash out of the corner of my eye about 500 m off, NW of the look-out. Got the binos on the spot just in time to see a thresher shark leap out and writhe around in the air. Looked to me like it had probably burst through a shoal of fish.
Put me in mind of Richard Crossen’s sighting in August, and Steve Hartley’s earlier this year. It was a biggy – longer than the only other one I’ve seen, in the tropics – I’d guesstimate that it was at least 3 m long. From the impressive splash, my immediate thoughts were that it was something the size of a Risso’s.
Did anyone else see it, from the look-out perhaps? A nice white sailing boat was coming around inshore towards Fishguard at the time.
Hope you are well,

Chris Pierpoint
PAM technical support

Hi Chris thanks for the record, I have not heard of any other sightings. Given the one Steve Hartleys crew had off Newquay last year , and the fact Nick o'Sullivan had one last year in the Celtic Deep about a week before  that might be the same individual or several individuals. Certainly an animal that big and aerobatic might be seen in different places.  Seems to be wWest Wales might be a bit of a hotspot!