Monday, 9 September 2013

Updates from Stevo around the coast

Thursday 29th August 
Stevo and Chris went to Mwnt at 1pm.
And soon as we sat down and started to see a mother and calf pair of Bottlenose Dolphins came to view right in front of the headland and also a motor boat stopped whilst the Bottlenose Dolphins making their way traveling eastwards out of view.
And then nothing was seen for half and hour.
At 2pm  a single Bottlenose Dolphin a very quick glimpse of and and  dissapered  At the end of our 2 hour watch when we left the station as we were walking back to the car at 14:45pm.
We  sighted a Grey Seal giving good views of.
The sea condition was calm rippled surface with a westerly winds 

Thursday 5th September 
Results of sightings from Mwnt that we all saw right through the summer period.
During our 2 hour watches so far is.
17 Bottlenose Dolphins with lots of calfs recorded
and 4 Harbour Porpoises.
Animals numbered all together is 21.
Mwnt is a beautiful place to visit and very peaceful to watch.
Anyhow this week no Bottlenose Dolphins were sighted when Chris and I observed the Cardigan Bay.
on our watch this year there are fewer sightings of Bottlenose Dolphins.
We think because they are off on all on summer holidays ! Joke 
this last period of summer is on the increase with a lots of other dolphins species recorded is 
a staggering superpods of Common Dolphins 
Harbour porpoises 
Bottlenose Dolphins in low numbers of and
Risso's Dolphins in good numbers 
Minke Whales in close encounters off  the Celtic Wildcat 
A Fin Whale sighted by  Nick 'O Sullivan.

Seals a plentiful around the Pembrokeshire coast 
and also as well Thresher Shark was photographed by Richard Corsson and that made the headlines fantastic 
Basking Shark sighted up the North coast of Wales 
and Sea Otters sighted off Strumble Head 
What a awesome summer that we all had with so many activities so far
with plenty more sightings still to follow