Wednesday, 27 November 2013

October bottles from Poppit

We received this report from Chris, Amanda, Bethan and Carys Russell this morning...

Just letting you know about the Dolphins we saw whilst on a kayaking course at Poppit sands.
Date:                   Sunday 6th October
Time:                   3pm -  4pm
Weather:             Sunny/light winds
Sea State:            Calm
No. of Dolphins:  5/6 Adults

We had come into the bay to finish the course with kayak rolling and rescues. There were 7 people 3 in the water waiting to be rescued when 3 large dolphins appeared and circled our group. It was very exciting. When we were all back in our boats we just sat there and watched the display they put on for us. There was one who stayed close to us circling, swimming towards us and then diving under our boats to come up the other side of the group. Nearer the beach in the shallow water we could see 2 more dolphins splashing about close to a couple walking their dog. We watched them for 30 mins then headed back to shore. What a way to end a perfect autumn day!