Saturday, 14 December 2013

Otters around the Ocean Lab... from Jeanette Tucker...

6th  December
Hi Cliff, I've just been up the breakwater with my dog, and on the way back to the car I saw an otter running along the hedge opposite the ocean lab! Has anyone else seen this magnificent creature? It was a bit too quick for me to get a photo unfortunately.
We have had a few sightings reported around the harbour in recent years including one crossing the road there by Sam Ford late one sulmmers night and Tony Lucas saw one in breoad daylight by the slipway as we were changing the fish tank water. With the Goodwick moor/beck connection its not surprising really. Either way its far from usual to spot one here so well done for spotting and reporting it ! Otters seem to have returned from the brink of extinction when I was a lad, to being quite common nowadays. I guess sooner or later somone will be wanting to cull them!