Sunday, 9 February 2014

Grampus in the growlers...

Growing frustration with Italy's inability to kick goals against the French saw me switch off the goggle box and head for Strumble in the hope of seeing some surfy porps  at Strumble. I was there for a few minutes when amazingly in amongst the tide race growlers a small black back and triangular fin showed momentarily in the horribly mixed up waves. I was pretty chuffed and searched in amongst the wild water hoping for another glimpse.
Even more amazing was a big blunt grey head and raked fin smashing through the surf revealing a Risso's! Another couple of glimpses and then a pale grey Risso's flung itself clear of the water, truly astounding!
I think its possibly the latest Risso's I have seen in the winter at Strumble although most years we see them around the Christmas, early January period.This seems to correspond with local fishermen finding squid eggs on their lobster pot ropes. Sadly my fishermen mates have hardly had a chance to get out to their pots in recent weeks but maybe the mild winter has something to do with it. As yet the only month I have no records for is March.