Wednesday, 5 February 2014

Surprises in the storm.

White water at Strumble...
Wdig Birder and the Walrus, headed off to Strumble this morning expecting mountainous seas, but slightly to our disappointment, It was not as rough as we expected. This was probably due to the wind coming from the south and therefore Strumble being a lee shore but none the less it was pretty rough.
Despite the waves and white water I was soon spotting the odd porpoise, and there were plenty of storm driven sea birds to be seen including both Red and Black Throated Divers along with Fulmars, auks and assorted gulls. As we sat in the car with both heater and windscreen wipers working away, we peered into the white water trying to pick stuff out of the surf, Wdig birder became excited by a big fin and big long back.  Risso's he spluttered, Where?? I asked, Near the big waves he shouted...
There in front of us in reasonable view was at least five square miles of big waves. Where!!!!... Too late its gone....Aaargh!!! 
Its often like that at Strumble, we stared our eyes out but no sign of it until another brief sighting about ten minutes later which I just manged to glimpse before it disappeared into the tide race maelstrom.
I suppose in the hour we were there, we had about a dozen Porpoise sightings and two Risso's sightings, not bad given the conditions!