Monday, 31 March 2014

"H" hits the Strumble Jackpot


 Four Risso's spotted today at Strumble Head copyright .Aeron John Photography

I know there is 3 in this pic but one was trailing behind.

Heading North - East at approx 1700 towards Fishguard approx 100 yards off shore. Well within the rough,obvious current stream.

Standing by the railing at the obs post and counting 12 o'clock in front of you, these were spotted at 11 o'clock and continued to approx 2 o'clock between the 2 black fishing buoys. Also at approx 1800 a single porpoise seen in the same area going in the same direction
Along with the others earlier in the month these are the first Risso's recorded here at  Strumble or on our Stena ferry Surveys in March. Obviously "H" was the right man in the right place to get pic's yesterday, well done H!!!