Friday, 7 March 2014

Hero's and Villains!

As a proud Welshman, I am disgusted at the lack of true Welsh heroes on this page. I can only hope that this is corrected sometime in the near future

Hugs and kisses

Samuel King |

A Welsh Heroine at Strumble....
OK Samuel Lee Halfpenny, George North and Richard Hibbard to be going on with!
 I obviously don't qualify on either count ! If any one wants to spam Sam with lists of Heroes Welsh or not feel free!
On a more groovy note, team Sea Trust went down to Strumble this afternoon to do a click count and apart from several Porpoise sightings also managed to record at least two separate Risso's. 
One Risso seemed to be feeding by swirling on the surface much as Dan described to us the other day.
Another cetacean organisation that pretends to be "The cetacean Monitoring Organisation" seem to be using our "Whales in Wales" title, I guess imitation is the sincerest form of flattery...