Monday, 14 April 2014

Risso's in Residence?

Another successful Razorbill sea safari yesterday with both Porpoises and Risso's Dolphin's recorded. They tend to be a little boat shy so a good distance was maintained but  they surfaced close to the boat when it was stationary.  Dan seemed to think there were at least four adults and a juvenile.
Our fishermen friends tell me they have been quite unconcerned around their boats over the past few weeks so hopefully so long as nobody goes chasing them they will hang around a bit longer!
Please be warned it is an offence to harass dolphins and we are often watching from the breakwater.We have camera's capable of taking pic's at long range and will not hesitate to report any vessel seen harassing them.  If you do encounter dolphins steer a steady course,  If they come to you its best to stop engines or decrease speed to a slow walking pace, do not under any circumstances chase them.