Monday, 21 April 2014

Spring Sprung Big Time!

We had not managed to publicise our Easter "Spring has sprung" Porp' watch at Strumble very well, apart from a few posters and our mail list but the twenty odd people who turned up had a treat in store!
Our seemingly resident Risso's Dolphins spent at least an hour showing off and playing hide and seek in front of us. Happily we had several pairs of our new 10x25 compact binoculars with us so everyone was getting a good view. There were at least five probably six. At one time one breached repeatedly if distantly. Great sightings of porpoises grey seals and diving gannets contributed to a show worthy of one of David Attenborough's epic wildlife documentaries!
Malcolm Barradell of the World Cetcean Alliance had also joined us with Morgan a cuddly toy Orca representing a real live Orca imprisoned on Loro Park Dolphinarium Tenerife. Stolen from his pod He will no doubt go quietly mad and at some time attack his keepers as often seems to happen in these grim Whale Jails.
The disgusting irony is the fact that so called whale and dolphin lovers pay to keep these citadels of cetacean misery going, making the owners/jailers rich in the process.
Sea Trust stood up against this when the United Nations held its "Year of The Dolphin 2007" when we realised Loro Park was one of the sponsors. We protested that Loro Park should be cut out of the Year of the Dolphin, because they kept captive wild caught dolphins and Orca's and so they cut us out instead!
To see real live free cetaceans such as we did today, covering miles of ocean like an eagle ranges the sky, enforces my horror at the corruptness and sheer inhumanity of it all!